IKO SCIENCE OÜ conducts research, design and manufactures components and complete systems for detecting and analysis of static and dynamic signals in different range from Ultra Violet to Infra Red, including very low signal intensity.

Nanotechnology is just a step to quantum technologies and IKO SCIENCE OÜ has set up QUANTUM LABORATORY for the development of new generation detecting/sensor systems which are based on quantum effects and technologies.

Another area of our work is biosensors, biophotonics and bioelectronics.

Our products are intended for many purposes in wide range of applications from quantum and nanotechnologies to medicine, safety and secure environment, green energy and aerospace industries.


Victor Tomashov, the owner and CEO of IKO Medical Systems and IKO Science.
Educated at Tallinn University of Technology and St. Petersburg State Electro-technical University. Victor is highly experienced academic researcher and engineer. He also has extensive experience in the field of electronics, being a founder and CEO of ELECOM Electronics between 1990 and 2008. He currently leads the research in processes of physical vacuum and the use of photonic methods for diagnostics.

Dr Aleksei Kuznetsov, PhD Chemistry Chair of Organic and Biological Chemistry at University of Tartu.
Dr Kuznetsov is experienced Senior Research Academic with a substantial experience of working in the higher education sector. His areas of expertise include: design, synthesis and testing of novel biomimetic compounds as potential biologically active materials; kinetic mechanism of ligand interaction with enzymes and receptors; kinetics of reaction in liquid medium theoretical background; molecular dynamics and quantum-chemistry methods’ application and development.

Oleg Adamchuk, the equity partner at the IKO Science and IKO Medical Systems.
Oleg is an experienced entrepreneur with a number of investment projects taken from the start-up to effective successful active businesses.

Raivo Unt, MSc in Economics, Chairman of the Board PharmaEstica Manufacturing OÜ.
Raivo has more than 20 years’ experience of management in pharmaceuticals. Over the years he became an invaluable expert in industrial manufacturing, logistics and compliance.